Stay Problem-oriented, Deepen Market-oriented Reform, Usher in a New Era of High-quality Development of BAIC (BAIC Group held 2020 Strategy Seminar)

  • 2020-11-25
  • Source:BAIC ROCAR

From 23th to 24th, Nov., BAIC Group convened 2020 Strategy Seminar to discuss major issues of 14th Five-year Plan of Group, unify thoughts, find the right direction, and determine measures. Jiang Deyi, secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Group, chaired the meeting.

On the meeting, Zhang Xiyong, general manager made a keynote speech. Cai Suping, standing committee member of group party committee and deputy general manager of the Group, made a special report on self-owned brands. Wang Jianping, standing committee member of the Group party committee and head of both Organization Department and HR Department, made a report on the reform of appraisal management system. Zhang Jianyong, deputy general manager of Group, made a report on sharing business cases. Members of Group leadership, some department leaders of the Group headquarter, and some leaders of subsidiaries made a speech from different angles. At the end of the meeting, Jiang Deyi made a summary speech.

The meeting has recognized achievements made by the Group in the 13th Five-year Plan. It points out that over the past decade or so, the Group has seized the opportunities of China’s rise in economy and automobile industry, grasped the policy dividend of joint venture in automobile industry, and achieved leapfrog growth. Various segments of the Group have accumulated their own advantages.

While acknowledging achievements, the meeting indicates the past development models and views of BAIC are inconsistent with new trends and requirements of high-quality development currently. With external and internal challenges, there are many deep-rooted problems to be solved in the Group. Accord to the meeting, BAIC Group has entered transformation and reform to seek for high-quality development. The staff must have a clear understanding of realities and yourselves, have a sense of crisis at all times, act proactively and stay down-to-earth.

Through deep communication, the meeting has reached a consensus. Firstly, stay problem-oriented and solve real problems. Address deep-rooted problems inconsistent with high-quality development through all-around deep reform. Secondly, focus on our main business. By utilizing advantages and avoiding disadvantages, we must concentrate on vehicle, parts, trade and service and phase out some non-principal business sectors with heavy losses in a proper and orderly way. Especially in making self-owned brands bigger and stronger, we must fully understand the importance of self-owned brands. We must pool the strength of the whole Group, integrate resources, and shore up weaknesses to make self-owned brand vehicle manufacturing and closely related industries more profitable and competitive. Thirdly, we must strengthen management capabilities. We must enhance awareness of management, lay a solid foundation for management and fully play the incentive role of appraisal to strictly implement systems and workflow and effectively control subsidiaries and key links such as strategy, investment, financing and evaluation. Fourthly, we must transform the concept of cooperation. Based on the principle of improving core competitiveness, we must develop new cooperation models and expand new space of cooperation to achieve our growth. Fifthly, we must strengthen Party building and comprehensive leadership of CPC and play an effective role of Party committee in determining the direction, managing the big picture and ensuring implementation. We must remain committed to placing cadres and talents under supervision and keep building teams, cadres and talents.

The meeting has proposed Group’s main ideas and strategic goals of high-quality development during the 14th Five-year Plan, determined key initiatives of implementing strategies and deployed priorities of the first year of the 14th Five-year Plan.

It stresses lastly, confronted with new landscape and challenges of the 14th Five-year Plan, BAIC Group must rely on itself, stay problem-oriented, and deepen market-oriented reform. We must drive ourselves to make breakthroughs, as well as concentrate on improving capability of independent innovation and seeking for high-quality development. We must make efforts to address all the problems not suited to the Group development, leverage the initiative and creativity of staff and usher in a new era of high-quality development of BAIC.