Increase Awareness, Improve Capabilities and Promote Development BAIC ROCAR held the training course for Party branch secretaries in 2020.

  • 2020-11-27
  • Source:Party Affairs Department of BAIC ROCAR

From 27th to 28th, Nov., ROCAR Party Committee held the first session of training course for Party branch secretaries. It aims to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, extend comprehensive and strict Party self-governance down to the grassroots, strengthen the standardized building of grassroots Party branch, and enhance theoretical attainment and professional proficiency. The training was attended by over 60 people including Party branch secretaries and other Party affairs cadres.

On the meeting, Zhang Jieying, deputy secretary of ROCAR Party committee and chairman of Labor Union briefly introduced the spirit of 2020 Strategy Seminar and kicked off the training. According to her speech, Leader Program must be implemented so as to build a team of Party branch secretaries who uphold the Party spirit, are proficient in business and have moral integrity as well as give full play to the role of Party branches and the exemplary vanguard role of Party members. She proposed her opinion in two aspects. Firstly, attach high importance to grassroots Party building. Grasp the core and priorities of work and remain committed to improving the quality of work. Give full play to the core role of Party branch secretaries in building the Party branch into the strong fighting fortress. Secondly, strengthen study and practice. Improve the overall quality and capabilities including Morality, Talent, Knowledge and Experience as well as keep developing new approaches to build Party branches.

Special Training of New Corporate Culture Concepts

Three senior experts in Party building from Party School of Shanghai Committee of C.P.C. and Party School of Henan Provincial Party Committee of C.P.C. were invited to carry out special training. They analyzed Party Branch Work Practice, Regulations on the Work of Grassroots Party Organizations of State-owned Enterprises, and How to Play the Role of Party Building of SOEs in the Company Operation under New Circumstances. They systematically taught work methods and leadership art of Party branch secretaries, an all-out effort to enforce strict Party discipline as well as opportunities and challenges for China’s economy in the post-COVID-19 period. Besides, Tian Ding, member of ROCAR Party committee and head of Work Department of Party committee did the special training on corporate culture new concepts of ROCAR.

After two days’ training, Party branch secretaries agreed that training contents are instructive to and consistent with the practical work of Party branches. They will study and apply them well, play their role of leadership and build every Party branch into a strong fighting fortress.

Next, the Party committee of BAIC ROCAR will implement general requirements of Party building in the new era. Under the firm leadership of Group party committee, it will strengthen the standardized building of grassroots Party organizations, improve the overall quality of Party affairs cadre team, play well in the last year of 13th Five-year Plan and lay a solid foundation for the opening chapter of the 14th Five-year Plan.