Have you learned new corporate culture concepts? Let’s learn culture and make an envoy of corporate culture communication of BAIC ROCAR.

  • 2020-12-04
  • Source:Party Affairs Department of BAIC ROCAR

As everyone at ROCAR knows, the new vision of corporate culture has been released.

As everyone at ROCAR knows, the publicity proposal of new corporate culture is issued today.

Every ROCARer is taking an active part as corporate culture requires joint efforts and all-staff involvement. It is because every ROCARer is an envoy of culture communication and we have a common goal of becoming the leader in the excellent vehicle-people service ecosystem.

Come on, ROCARers! For culture communication.

This is new corporate culture concepts of BAIC ROCAR.

New Corporate Culture Concepts of ROCAR

Corporate Vision: Become the leader in the excellent vehicle-people service ecosystem.

Corporate Mission: Be committed to providing digital vehicle-people service of warmth, high quality and trust as well as creating value for consumers, employees, shareholders and the wider society.

Corporate Spirit: Hard efforts, Teamwork, Overcoming difficulties, Can-do spirit

Core Values: Integrity, Courage to take responsibilities, Innovation, Pursuit of excellence, Cooperation

Operation and Management Philosophy:

Focusing on customers, Value creation, Lean operation

Talent Vision: Empower those who want to do more and reward those who have made achievements.