Forge ahead and build our dream. Since its establishment in 2007, BAIC Penglong has been committed to market-oriented transformation and support for grouping management. We have built a national network of automobile service and trade covering automobile sales and service, automobile import and export, logistics, spare parts, travel services (car rental, taxi), advertising media, second-hand car, auction, bulk material procurement. Thereby, new records of performance have been witnessed. Over the last ten-odd years, the core financial indicators of BAIC Penglong have been growing rapidly with a compound annual growth rate of nearly 30%, and its revenue has risen from less than RMB 3 billion to more than RMB 30 billion. We not only realize the leap of operating data, but also play an increasingly important supporting role in the grouping development and industrial chain coordination of BAIC Group. As the platform of automobile service and trade under BAIC Group, BAIC Penglong has been committed to promoting market-oriented transformation, taking meeting the changing value demand of People as the guide, and centering on the product attribute and value extension of Vehicle, to build a sound vehicle-people ecosystem. BAIC Penglong always follows reform and innovation, taking an innovative development path that breaks through traditional thinking, takes an exploration and practice path of upgrading from the traditional distributors and traders to integrated service providers of the industrial chain, and takes a path of exploration and ‘change’ to seek for high-quality development.
BAIC Penglong is the development platform of BAIC Group's automobile service and trade, and the leading integrated service provider of automobile industry chain in China. In the past 12 years, the company has always followed customer orientation and value creation, and established a business value chain running through the upstream and downstream of the automotive aftermarket industry chain. It is committed to providing customers digital vehicle- person services with quality, innovation and trust, creating value for consumers, employees, shareholders and society. During industrial upgrading, the underlying logic of our development is how to create greater value for customers. Thereby, we will follow the service concept of vehicle-people ecology and wisdom–meeting life. We will always develop and integrate service products throughout the whole life cycle of car and build a service system based on service products needed by people in mobility. Based on customer needs, we will expand the innovation business characterized by ‘high, new and special’ development, build a new ecosystem of vehicle-people in the service industry, and improve the industry chain of automobile service and trade, and deliver better customer experience and higher service efficiency for customers. On the way of rapid growth of BAIC Penglong, there are Penglong people who are not afraid of difficulties and practical actions, accompanied by domestic and foreign partners and customers who trust and care for BAIC Penglong. I hope this website can become a window for friends from all walks of life to learn about BAIC Penglong, and a link for mutual communication, so as to promote our cooperation and create a better future together!
The party committee of BAIC Penglong follow the major political principle of CPC’s leadership, and the party building vision of ‘leading entrepreneurship and service development’. We are committed to high-quality party building to guide high-quality development of our company and promoting the deep integration of party building and business , strengthening Six Basic Building including ‘Six Persistence and Six Promotion’, and striving to create five party organizations, namely, ‘learning oriented, leading oriented, innovative, service-oriented and cohesive’. We are striving to realize standardization, wisdom and openness of party building and leading the transformation and development of our company. Over the years, we have been committed to development through inheritance, innovation through development and breakthrough through innovation. The party leadership, party building and development of enterprises have been integrated. The political core role of party committee has been played, and major breakthroughs have been achieved in comprehensively deepening reform. Positive progress has been made in upgrading, and the comprehensive strength and social reputation of enterprises have been greatly improved. BAIC Penglong is growing into a new driver, and an important growth pole for the development of the BAIC group. The journey is full of wind and storm, and the task is heavy and hard. The party committee of BAIC Penglong will always hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, steer to the right direction, manage the big picture, ensure implementation, unite, forge ahead, innovate and surpass, and make unremitting efforts to create a new landscape of transformation, leapfrog development, and become the leader in excellent vehicle-people service ecosystem.